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Dalton – Newborn Session

This past weekend I traveled to Sharon PA to meet this sweet 2 week old baby! He was so interested in everything around him and so easy to calm, he made my job easy! I love the results and hope mom and dad do too!


We have a WINNER!

We have a winner with an unbelievable amount of votes! Jenn & Robert have won with 4,247 votes!! That is crazy!! The other two were not far behind! I will email the winners tomorrow to touch base on their prize and I thank you everyone for participating! Congrats again!!!


Love Stories – Vote for your Favorite!

It was a tough decision, but we have narrowed it down to three finalists! Their stories are below. Please vote for your favorites!! You have until Monday night at 11:59 pm!

Lexie & Bill 


My name is Lexie Matthews the sweet farm girl from a little town and I am marrying the love of my life Bill Mills the redheaded bad boy that likes big toys. Our love story began before we ever met. In 2012 I was in a long term relationship of 4 years getting ready to take a trip to Indianapolis where I knew my boyfriend would propose to me that weekend. Needless to say we never made it to Indianapolis because I received a call on Thursday that my grandma that had been battling cancer was not doing well. I rushed from work to be by her side the last hours. Whenever my grandma lost her battle with cancer that weekend, that is all I could think about and worry about. About a 2 months later my boyfriend at the time and I broke up. When my grandma passed away she left me her brand new car a Subaru Legacy that was baby blue. After a few months had went by I decided I needed to sell the car and split the proceeds between myself and my brother and 1 cousin. It was only the three of us and my grandma always wanted to be fair. So one random Saturday in December I decided to take the car to different dealerships to see what they would give me for the Subaru. I ended up about an hour away from my house because the GPS said there was a Subaru dealer there. When I made it to where my GPS was taking me there was no dealership it was closed down. I could have been upset that I just drove that entire way but instead I thought a good friend lives in the area I should stop by and see them since I hadn’t seen them in a while. I knew it was a long shot that they would even be home but I called anyway. Sure enough Patty was home so a drove there instantly. As we sat at the kitchen table and talked about my recent break up as girls do she invited me to go out with her that night since her husband was working. I was very reluctant but she finally talked me into it. I decided I would drive an hour home to get ready and drive back just to go out. My friend Patty for a few years always told me that I needed to meet her nephew, I always shrugged it off because I was always in a relationship, and everyone always has someone to set you up with. So as I left Patty’s house to get ready she ask me if I wanted her to invite her nephew along and I replied quickly “NO, I am not ready for that tonight”. When I arrived at the hole in the wall bar Phil’s to meet Patty she introduced me to her brother in law and his girlfriend. Before I could get settled Patty told that her nephew was coming and I instantly yelled at her. At the same moment a very handsome tall guy walked through the door and she said well he is here. I wanted to be mad a Patty but as I watched Bill walk towards us I couldn’t help but think “wow she never said he was that sexy”. We sat at the bar the rest of the night with Bills uncle on one side and his aunt on the other. This should have been a very awkward situation but we had a blast. The rest is history and we have been inseparable since.
Now back to when I said our love story started before we ever met. I truly believe that if my grandma would not have passed away the weekend she did I would have been engaged to another guy, and if she would not have left he car to me I would have never stopped at Patty’s house that night. I know that my grandma is with me every day and I believe she has led me to this love story and is blessing it along the way even though she is not here in person. I also believe in fate and everything happens for a reason, Bill and I have talked about it many times and there was multiple circumstances that almost caused us not to meet that night. However fate brought us together and we are couldn’t be happier.

We are planning an October 11, 2014 wedding on Bill’s family farm. The ceremony will take place in the upper hayloft of the barn and the reception will be in the field in a big white tent. We both are extremely excited and cannot wait.

Thank you for reading our love story.

Jamie & Greg


Hello Jenni,
I never thought I would ever find a love again after losing my first true love Paul. I was actually convinced that I was going to be alone and I came to grips with that and was ok with it also.. I felt that I had love once in my life, I may never get it again.. Then one night I went out after visiting my father in the hospital. There was this very attractive guy sitting by me so I asked him to move down. We got to talking and exchanged numbers and Greg and I went on our first date that Sunday. I knew almost right away that I found the man that I am supposed to be with for the rest of my life and looked up to heaven and thanked Paul for sending me an amazing person thru a moment in my life that was hard…

He stood by my side through a lot of hardships with watching my father slip away slowly and I knew more than ever this is someone I want to be with.. On Christmas Eve he presented me a gift bag with a tag that said I love you and the engagement ring was inside.. I believe he was sent to me in my life by the ones I love that have passed on that knew we both needed and deserved one another.. He is a God sent.. I can’t wait to see what our life has to offer us and also to start a new life together that is filled with happiness and new beginnings…

Jenn & Robert


My name is Jenn my fiancé is Robert. We’re getting married in May of 2015. We actually worked a row of cubicles away from each other for about 6 months before he finally got the guts to talk to me. Since the cubicle wall was so high we talked on occasion but never really face to face. One night after work a few of us had planned to go to happy hour which ended up just being the two of us, and after a few too many lemon drops and a night neither one of us wanted to end there was no turning back. About 2 years later we were flying down to Myrtle Beach for a vacation with his family where a long planned proposal which included him asking me to “bury him, or I mean marry him” would happen to my complete surprise.

Vote for your favorite here until Monday at 11:59 PM!

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Lexie & Bill
Jamie & Greg
Jenn & Robert

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Engagement Session Giveaway!

I love to hear love stories and I would love to hear yours! I am looking for newly engaged couples that are still on the hunt for a wedding photographer and are looking to do an engagement session. All you need to do is send me your story and a photo of you and your fiance! If you can email your entries to me by Friday at 11:59 PM, then I will pick three of those entries to feature on the blog where your friends and family can vote for you to win a free engagement session!! Please email all entries to as well as any questions if you have them! Can’t wait to read your love stories!